Prices Styling Services

Styling Spirit Hair & Beauty stylists are categorised according to their level of seniority.  This is achieved via a regular programme of training and testing and is reflected in our pricing structure.
 Senior Stylist Salon Director
Blow dry short hair £28 N/A
Blow dry long hair £35 N/A
Cut and Finish £58 £65
Wet Cut £47 £60
Men’s Cut and Finish £30 £35
Re-style –                                                      please add £10 to the above prices
GHD Curls with wash £37
GHD Curls no wash £28
Hair up  £40-70                          (price to be confirmed following free consultation)

Bridal hair up                               price done by quotation

Conditioning Treatments Starting at £10-25
Student Discount 10% (Mon-Friday with valid Student i.d card)
Hair Consultation Free consultations are offered by all our Stylists
Childs cut

Please note Graduate prices are the same as Senior Stylist for Child Cuts







   Under 3 =£10   (Mon-Fri)

   Aged 3-6 =£15  (Mon-Fri)

  Aged 7-12 =£20-30*  (Mon-Fri)

 If booked on a Saturday there will be a minimum £25 standard charge with all stylists for all ages.

 Children  over 12 please refer to Adult price list.

Please note that if re-style required £6 may be added to the above child  prices.

*  If one or other parent is a regular customer at the Salon then a £5 discount will be given on cuts aged 7 and above.

 Stand by cut and blow-dry. For stand by prices this must be booked on the day or walk in offer must be mentioned when booking or full price will be charged. £48